<h1 style=”visibility: hidden;”>Intreccio 100% Cashmere apparel Outlet: scarves, cloaks, capes, plaid, poncho, blankets, stoles, shawls. Wool, Silk, Linen, natural fibres. Made in Italy special prices.</h1>

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  • -64%

    ( Grigio, Bordeaux, Camo, Dark Brown )


    Soft pashmina in pure cashmere with coloured and asymmetrical frame and precious selvedge. A garment with an unmistakable and refined style, an accessory that transforms the look in style, the appearance with being

    Composition: 100% Cashmere

    Size: 70×190 cm


  • 228,00 104,00
    Warm cape in pure bouclé wool double effect with classic macro-herringbone pattern design on one side and joined melange on the other. A passpartout for mid-season, a classy accessory to wear on an evening dress but also with a sports outfit.
    Composition: 95% lana 5% poliammide
    Size: 150×160 cm
  • -64%

    ( Grigio, Verde, Acqua, Arancione, Beige, Jeans )


    Lightweight unisex stole: cashmere and silk with a light squared motif made with yarn of mousse wool. Also declined in pastel colors for a very refined look, in shades of orange and jeans.

    Composition: 80% cashmere 17% silk 3% wool

    Size: 70×180 cm


  • 158,00 76,00
    Pure cashmere warm cover for newborns, natural color with knitted effect and fringed with feather. Simple and refined, this cover for cradle is a delicious piece of furniture as well as a soft hug for your baby
    Composizione: 100% Cashmere
    Misure: 150×160 cm
  • -63%

    ( Grigio, Nocciola )


    Light and warm stole in pure cashmere yarn with selvedge. Wrapping it, the blocks of color blend together creating a wonderful melange effect. A glamorous and exclusive clothing project more than just a garment to wear. Composition: 100% Cashmere

    Size: 70×190 cm


  • -62%

    ( Argento, Oro, Rame )


    Beautiful plaid in cashmere and wool with a delicate floral design, lit by lurex fiber in gold, silver and copper. This plaid has been designed to give a touch of class and originality in the environments in which it is placed, on sofas, armchairs or chairs in Art Deco

    Composition: 70% cashmere 30% wool

    Size: 150×180 cm


  • -62%

    ( Grigio, Rosso, Beige )


    Warm and enveloping cashmere and bouclé wool plaid with double boder effect. Perfect to give a color note to living rooms and bedrooms, this plaid becomes an indispensable furnishing complement. An important but also very versatile purchase

    Composition: 60% Cashmere 35% Wool 5% polyamide

    Size: 150×180 cm



  • -66%

    ( Nocciola, Perla )


    Light cashmere, wool and silk refined stole, with natural colours and a delicate degrading effect on brown and grey. A faded stole for women that gives grace to the wearer.

    Composition: 50% wool 35% Cashmere 15% silk

    Size: 55×180 cm


  • -63%

    ( Rosso, Viola, Antracite, Bordeaux, Dark Brown, Nocciola )


    Very wide, Soft and refined stole for men. Pure cashmere, with selvedge finish and check design: for an unmistakable and very refined style. The variety of colors allows you to choose the perfect look for every moment

    Composition: 100% Cashmere

    Size: 75×200 cm


  • 158,00 88,00

    Pure natural cashmere with a tonal edge for a warm and soft embrace, this is a very soft blanket for cradle. The classic style of the design allows this cover for newborns to adapt perfectly to any model of cradle

    Composizione: 100%Cashmere

    Misure: 72×100


  • -52%

    ( Blu, Rosso )


    Pure cashmere soft scarf with original pinstripe design, pola dots and contrasting colors. A touch of color on classic coats and jackets.

    COMPOSIZIONE: 100% Cashmere

    MISURE: 30×175


  • 130,00 65,00

    Beautiful keffiyeh with refined jacquard design and bouclé and mohair wool bands that perfectly adapts to the shoulder profile. The lurex edges illuminate and embellish the garment while making it elegant and caressing

    Composition: 57% modal 30% cotton 6% mohair 5% wool 2% polyamide

    Size: 140×140 cm


  • 130,00 65,00

    Beautiful keffiyeh with refined jacquard design and bouclé and mohair wool bands that perfectly adapts to the shoulder profile. The lurex edges illuminate and embellish the garment while making it elegant and caressing

    Composizione: 57% modal 30% cotone 6% mohair 5% lana 2% poliammide

    Misure: 140×140 cm J50169-S1D22U


  • ( )

    Large stole enlighted by lurex fibers and sequins, enriched with brushstrokes of color that enliven the solid color of the jacquard design. A small masterpiece of unique and unrepeatable textile art.
    COMPOSIZIONE: 33% lana 33% modal 20% poliammide 10% cotone 4% poliestere
    MISURE: 75×180

  • -67%

    ( Verde, Arancione, Azzurro, Bordeaux, Nocciola, Perla )


    Elegant and light stole with floral design enriched by an edge of lurex and mohair. This is a perfect choice for every season: a beautiful and useful gift for women that will always be appreciated

    Composition: 62% modal 33% cotton 5% mohair

    Size: 75×180 cm