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Natural Style

The INTRECCIO ECCELLENZA ITALIANA e-commerce site represents the digital synthesis of a traditional workmanship that goes way back.
Founded in the respected textiles industrial district of Biella, it is a project which, over time, made a distinct decision to evolve.
In 2013, this company that produced yarns, as part of that incredible industrial process that transforms a primary material offered by nature into the most basic element of all clothing items, decided to focus on creating finished garments, specialising in the production of textile accessories, scarves, stoles, capes, ponchos, plaids and covers. And today, these same clothing products are offered to the greater public through a digital buying process.

Luxury & Sustainability

Savoir Faire

The women-s and men-s clothing accessories offered by INTRECCIO ECCELLENZA ITALIANA are the fruits of a tree whose roots are deeply planted in the culture of a territory, which has forever specialised in the production of textiles. These roots have found their vital nourishment in the professionalism of a team that has decided to focus, just as the name itself suggests, on excellence, proposing classy and fashionable products, with maximum attention to detail, from the fibres to the workmanship, thus becoming both an everyday item and at the same time, a fashionable alternative gift idea.

Made in Italy

Quality & Tradition

INTRECCIO ECCELLENZA ITALIANA is the online shopping site for men and women in search of beauty and quality.
Cashmere, silk, angora wools, mohair, alpaca, linen (combined with modern fibres such as modal and viscose), come to life through the most noble workmanship and imaginative techniques, from jacquard to bouclé, from tartan to glen plaid.
The sophisticated detail, leather inserts, designs, three-dimensional effects, personalisation with initials and embroidery, make the clothing products offered to the public truly precious objects: each product isn't just a cut of fabric, it's much more!

By purchasing one of our clothing accessories, you contribute to the knowledge, appreciation and awareness of the history of a thousand-year-old working process, which has been refined and perfected over time to achieve exceptional levels of wearability, visual appeal and unique tactile sensations, the fruit of endless tests and trials conducted over time with intelligence and creativity.




 Intreccio creates its apparel in the historical textile district of Biella






Thanks to its savoir faire and the collaboration of skilled artisans, tradition and quality meet in luxury weaving accessories.






Natural and eco-sustainable fibers for the sustainability and quality of our fashion accessories.





“It’s a small tapestry, with a perfectly harmonious design, a small work of textile art, made with care and love by those who, for many years and in line with a centuries-old tradition characterising the territory of Biella, have wanted their objects to convey an idea, a story, a culture.”